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Identifier: South 2-7
Area: Verdant Canyon
Puzzle Type: Main
Previous Puzzle: Other Side
Next Puzzle: Step and Release

Delivery is the seventh main puzzle in the Verdant Canyon area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


When you enter the puzzle, you find yourself in a large central room, with a hexahedron in the middle.

  • On the left, the first room has a connector on a pressure plate which is keeping the blue door open. In the corner is a swapper with a gravshifter in it. There is a window that looks outside.
  • On the right, there is a room with a fan with detachable blades in it. The fan can be turned on by switch outside, but the switch also activates the blue door.
  • On the rear left, there is a small room with two gravity surfaces, one on the wall, and one on the floor. The room is blocked off by a blue door connected to a red receiver.
  • On the rear right, there is a red emitter below a low ceiling. Above the ceiling, a hexahedron is stuck to a gravity surface.
  • On the middle, on the right end, there is a red receiver that controls access to the progress wheel.


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
Since the name of the puzzle is Delivery, you will have to use some mechanism to deliver equipment around the puzzle.

If you're struggling to get started:

[ hint ]
The first task is to get the gravshifter out from the left room.

The second objective:

[ hint ]
You need access to the second hexahedron, that is stuck to the gravity surface.

If you're running out of things to put on the swapper or the pressure plate:

[ hint ]
The fan blades are detachable.

If you're unsure what the fan is for:

[ hint ]
Notice that you can put equipment on the fan, and then turn it on from outside.

If you're unable to keep the equipment from slipping off:

[ hint ]
You need a hexahedron to provide a stable base.

If you're not sure what the final objective is:

[ hint ]
You have to activate the red receiver next to the progress wheel. To do that, you need an already-connected emitter at a high elevation from a location that is far enough away from the emitter so it has a clear line of sight.