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An inactive Gravshifter, as seen in the puzzle, Mountaineer

Gravshifters are puzzle elements that are move objects within a cylindrical field. The gravity within this field is oriented to point away from the surface with which the field first makes contact. Like drillers, gravshifters only function when pointed at specific surfaces, which have a distinctive pattern. The player can also walk sideways or upside-down on these "gravity surfaces" even without the use of a gravshifter.


  • Gravity surfaces are dark colored surfaces marked by a distinct silver crosshatch pattern.
  • When you stand next to a gravity surface, the game gives you the option to jump onto it. This changes the gravity for you and any other items you're holding, so that the surface appears to be "down".
  • You can walk all along a gravity surface, and you can jump off by pressing the jump button twice.
  • When you enter a gravity well, you and any objects in that well will be pulled to the direction of the gravity surface it is pointed at. The direction is also indicated by the motion of the translucent rings around the well, they appear to move in the direction of the gravity in that well.
  • After something enters a gravity well, they remain affected by the gravity surface, even if the gravity well is deactivated.
  • Gravshifters can be used to create gravity wells, as long as you have a gravity surface to point it at. During creation, if there is any equipment that will be affected by the gravity well, an indicator is shown of how that equipment will land after it has travelled through the well.
  • If you initiate a gravity well, and then quickly pick up the gravshifter again, the gravity well still completes the transport of any equipment that was in the gravity well. It is not possible to interrupt the well and drop the equipment midway.
  • Gravshifters, like most other puzzle equipment, can be placed on pressure plates to activate them, and can be used in swappers.
An activated gravshifter, pointed at a gravity surface. It is creating a gravity well pointed upwards


The following puzzles use gravshifters: