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A Swapper holding a Driller.
This article is about the puzzle element from The Talos Principle 2. For similarly-named puzzle from the first game, see The Swapper.

Swappers, also called swapping platforms or swapping pedestals, are puzzle elements in The Talos Principle 2. They lock one item at a time in place, inactive, until it is swapped out for another item. This adds an additional constraint to puzzles that might otherwise be trivial.

The following objects can be placed in Swappers:


  • When some puzzle element is placed in a swapper, it becomes inactive.
    • An item locked in a swapper cannot have a connected laser.
    • A driller or gravshifter locked in a swapper cannot create a hole or a gravity cylinder.
    • The player cannot teleport to a teleporter that is locked in a Swapper.
  • The player cannot jump on a swapper in order to jump higher. Even if the jump icon is shown, pressing the jump button does not help.
  • If a swapper is close to an elevated floor, it can be operated from either the ground or the elevated floor.
  • If a swapper is close to a hole drilled by a driller, it can be operated from the other side of the hole.
  • When a puzzle contains a swapper, there is always one item already in place on it at the start of the puzzle; because of this, a swapper is never empty.



The following puzzles use swappers: