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This article is about the puzzle element. For structure on the Isle of the Blessed, see Hexahedron (puzzle).

Hexahedrons, colloquially referred to by players as boxes or cubes, are common tools found in the Talos Principle games.


Hexahedrons are one of the most versatile puzzle elements.

  • They can be used to press down on pressure plates;
  • The player can climb onto them in order to reach higher platforms or to jump over fences;
  • Other tools can be placed on top of a hexahedron in order to unlock different angles and prevent laser beams from crossing;
  • Most tools cannot be propelled by fans unless they are sitting on a hexahedron.

Specifically in The Talos Principle, hexahedrons can also be used to block moving guards and can be placed on top of guards so that the player can place items, or themselves, on a moving hexahedron.



The following puzzles use hexahedrons: