Orpheus Ascending

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Orpheus Ascending is one of the parts of the Road to Elysium expansion. The in-game description for the part reads, "Take your brain for a ride through the Laser Grid and explore the philosophy of love, death, and resurrection with Hypatia and Sarabhai. The classic laser mechanics of the series are pushed to the limit in unexpected ways, testing your ability to think differently."

The in-game part selection splash screen



  1. Yield
  2. Crossing the River
  3. Sequence
  4. Vastness
  5. Chain
  6. Equilibrium
  7. Domino Effect
  8. Concatenation
  9. Causation Nexus
  10. Incarnation
  11. Breakthrough
  12. Switchboard
  13. Extension
  14. Datastream
  15. Flow Control
  16. Propagation Cancelation

After completing all 16 puzzles, the Heart of Anubis puzzle becomes available.

Gold Puzzles


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