Domino Effect

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Domino Effect
Identifier: Orpheus-7
Area: Orpheus Ascending
Puzzle Type: Main
Previous Puzzle: Equilibrium
Next Puzzle: Concatenation

Domino Effect is the seventh puzzle in Orpheus Ascending, part of the Road to Elysium expansion for The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


As you enter the puzzle, you see four connectors in front of you and a switch. In front of you are a number of cages, each with a statue. To the right end is a blue door, behind it you see the Sarabhai Fragment.

Once you press the switch, the wall in front descends to reveal a three tier structure similar to Puzzle 5. On the bottom tier is a sequence of sixteen fixed connectors, each connected to its neighbor and also connected to the receivers in the tier above. All the connectors are initially inactive. In the second tier are some receivers with a glass shield in front. From left to right, there are 3 red receivers, then 6 blue, then 4 red and finally 3 blue receivers. On the third tier are sixteen blue doors, each controlled by the emitter below. There is a red emitter on the left and a corresponding red receiver on the right, this controls the blue door outside. At the very top are two emitters, one red and one blue, arranged vertically.


A hint to get you started:

[ hint ]
This puzzle is similar in concept to the previous two, but you have to be a bit more perceptive of the geometry and how the puzzle environment has been laid out.

If your laser keeps getting blocked:

[ hint ]
There are gaps between successive cages of the statues. Placing the connector carefully in the right spot is important.

If you balance is just off by one:

[ hint ]
Consider the "power level", so to say, of your free connectors. If you've balanced out all the sections except one, and it feels just a bit too powerful, consider powering your free connector from a secondary source