Melville (142)

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Species: New Human
Serial number: 142
Affiliations: Expedition Team
Status: Alive
Voice actor: Rachel Atkins

Melville (142) is the engineer on the Expedition to the Megastructure. She is one of New Jerusalem’s chief engineers in charge of city maintenance and power management. Her work keeps her too busy for hobbies, and she describes herself as old and grumpy. Yaqut’s cat, Bruce, has a fondness for peeing in her workshop for which he has been banned from entering, and she considers the cat the biggest threat to the city’s security. Melville has an affinity toward the old language libraries, and possesses remarkable photography skills. She was the first New human to be born with an upgraded body.

“Something in one of the labs is going completely bananas […] What is it with the language libraries and bananas?"

Melville’s artistic photographs

Uploaded for reference

Uploaded for personal reference.

Interesting design elements

Noting some interesting design elements here.
  • Yaqut (764): Melville...
  • Melville (142): What is it now?
  • Yaqut (764): Why did you upload a picture of your hand?
  • Melville (142): Why do you care that my hand is in the picture?
  • Yaqut (764): Your hand isn’t in the picture, it is the picture.
  • Alcatraz (264): I like it, it’s very artistic.
  • Byron (7): Let’s stay professional, everyone. It’s not right to make fun of Melville’s comically absurd inability to take decent pictures. She’s a hyper-advanced humanoid machine, not a photographer.
  • Melville (142): You’ll pay for this, Byron.

Might be worth investigating

These things must be connected to the Noema system. Maybe I should dig one up, see how it works?