Alcatraz (264)

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Aliases: Al
Species: New Human
Serial number: 264
Affiliations: Expedition Team
Status: Alive
Voice actor: Ian Porter

Alcatraz (264) is the First Officer of the Expedition Team to the Island. He serves as the voice of caution. Mayor Hermanubis appointed him to be a counter to Byron’s impulsive nature. Despite being intellectual opposites, Alcatraz considers Byron his best friend. Alcatraz was severely injured in the destruction of New Alexandria, during which he lost his arms and legs. The city's creator, Eustathius pulled him from the rubble. He continues to blame Eustathius for his own injuries and the deaths of 31 people. Alcatraz has an appreciation for the arts.

“Being the voice of caution is not a fun role to play. Always having to be the responsible one, the killjoy, the one who says "maybe that’s too much.” But sometimes, it is too much."

"Byron always called me a pessimist, but I don't think it's pessimistic to recognize our flaws, or to think the natural world is just as valuable as we are. If I was pessimistic, I wouldn't believe that we could turn our back on the old ways, or that we can find happiness in humility. But I do. I have hope, even if Byron could never see it that way."