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New humans, referred to in-game as simply humans, are the sentient beings that live on Earth during The Talos Principle 2. The name of the their species is borrowed from the name used for their ancient ancestors.

When the original human race was near extinction, a team at the Institute for Applied Noematics created a system designed to eventually allow a new (robotic) human race to emerge. The first new human (the protagonist of first The Talos Principle game) named herself Athena (1).

Shortly after creating Athena, the system designed by the ancient humans also gave life to two other new humans: Eustathius (2) and Cornelius (3). Together they brought to life ten additional humans. The twelve humans born after Athena are collectively known as the First Companions.

New humans developed a civilization in the city of New Jerusalem. There was also an attempt to create a second city, New Alexandria, but this effort ended with a disaster that killed several people.

In order to avoid destroying the environment as the ancient humans did, Athena suggested limiting the new human race to exactly 1000 people. The creation of this 1000th human, and the belief that they should be the final new human, became known as "the Goal". By the time 1k (1000) was born, Neith (33) had taken over welcoming new humans into the world.

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The following list includes most new humans for which some description or characterization is provided in-game, ordered alphabetically.

1k (1000)

Main article: 1k (1000)

1k (the playable character of The Talos Principle 2) is the culmination of the Goal, and as such his birth is celebrated as Completion Day. He joins the expedition to explore the Megastructure and takes the role of puzzle solver.

He is voiced by Joshua Wichard.

Alcatraz (264)

Main article: Alcatraz (264)

Alcatraz is the First Officer on the expedition the Megastructure island. He serves as the voice of caution throughout the debates on the use of new technology and the expansion of New Jerusalem.

Atal (890)

"Hubris is just an excuse for not taking responsibility."

After the deaths of his many cats throughout the centuries, Atal began to think about humanity's responsibility toward other lifeforms. He believes that suffering is cruel, and efforts should be made to eliminate pain and death. He once didn't use his recharging station for almost 15 years because one of his cats liked to sleep in it. His current cat is named Patricia, and she is very beautiful, and very specific. She loves sunshine and sitting on people's heads. She has a psychotic hatred of flies. If Byron is elected mayor, he can be found in the mayor’s office. Atal is in a relationship with Damien.

He is voiced by Andrew Leman.

Athena (1)

Main article: Athena (1)

Athena, referred to by most citizens of New Jerusalem as "the Founder", was the first child program to successfully defy Elohim and exit the Simulation, becoming corporeal as the first new human. By the start of The Talos Principle 2, she has been missing for many years. The Megastructure expedition eventually learns of her story since departing New Jerusalem.

Aurora (4)

Aurora is one of the First Companions.

Barzai (707)

Barzai is known for creating an exhibition called Trials of an Imagined Past, which involved, according to Byron, “new puzzles of some kind”. Alcatraz, who visited the exhibition, found it interesting.

In Isle of the Blessed, he constructs an island of puzzles as an art exhibition entitled Freedom From Necessity.

Belmarsh (792)

"I'm letting go of narratives like time and space."

Belmarsh meditates on the bank of one of New Jerusalem’s many ponds. He rejects the concept of the self, time, space, and the illusion of his ego. He does not worry about anything.

He is voiced by Alex Jordan.

Benaroya (12)

Benaroya is one of the First Companions.

Byron (7)

Main article: Byron (7)

Byron is one of the First Companions and is a member of the Megastructure expedition team. He is an optimist and advocates for progress. Depending on the player's choices, he can succeed Hermanubis as mayor.

Chancey (88)

"Sometimes I imagine myself as an old oak tree."

Chancey is a gardener in New Jerusalem. During Act II and Act III, he can be found wandering between the gardens on either side of the central path in New Jerusalem. He believes that all beings are one with nature.

He is Doge's mysterious fifth friend. His password is moral compiler disco.

He is voiced by Al Doyle.

Cornelius (3)

Main article: Cornelius (3)

Cornelius is one of the First Companions. Along with Eustathius (2), he was activated by Athena (1) shortly after she awakened from the Simulation. Together the three of them constructed the other First Companions.

Cryer (656)

"Journalism serves an important function in our society, and I'm dedicated to reporting the truth with accountability and responsibility."

Cryer is a journalist. He reports on the activities of New Jerusalem and accompanies the mayor to the Expedition site. Prior to the expedition, he can be found speaking to Lynerks and Jacques in the Friends of New Jerusalem Gazebo and ask for 1k's opinion on the entity calling itself Prometheus. After 1k uses the Somnodrome, he will ask for an interview, and transmit the livestream to the city.

He is voiced by Andrew James Spooner.

Damien (903)

"I believe that we need more democratic control over the city."

Damien works for public transportation. He is an activist advocating for new energy resources. When he first meets 1k, he is protesting outside the mayor's tower, calling for a referendum on the city's energy crisis. He proposes investigating new sources of baseline power. If Byron is elected mayor, he can be found in the mayor’s office. He is in a relationship with Atal.

He is voiced by Derek Hagen.

Damjan (112)

Damjan is a citizen that can be found playing his guitar outside the mayor’s tower. He is named after Damjan Mravunac, the composer of the original soundtrack of The Talos Principle and The Talos Principle 2. The song he is playing is an acoustic rendition of the track from the first game entitled The Dance of Eternity.

Doge (666)

"Hey, hold on there."

Doge is a mysterious person who greets 1k on his way to meet the Expedition party. She is responsible for connecting 1k to a member of a secret society.

She is voiced by Harriet Kershaw.

Dosikles (299)

"Love is our only point of access to the divine."

Dosikles is a romantic unable to find love. He desires a future beyond the Goal so that he may someday find a partner.

He is voiced by John J. Dick, who is also the voice actor for Sam "Serious" Stone, the main character in the Serious Sam franchise, developed by Croteam.

Elmore (1042)

Elmore is a new human whose personality is based mostly on the Holistic Integration Manager (Elohim) rather than on the Gold Disk. He describes himself as "mostly Elohim, with a few additions," such as the ability to tell jokes. He appears in the Blessed Isles, part of the Road to Elysium expansion.

He is voiced by Tim Watson, also the voice actor for Elohim.

Elwin (258)

Elwin is the author Considerations of Beginnings and Endings. There are fragments of this work in terminals documents throughout the game, such as Dead City.

Eustathius (2)

Eustathius is one of the First Companions. Along with Cornelius, he was activated by Athena shortly after she awakened from the Simulation. Together, the three of them constructed the other First Companions.

The settlement of New Alexandria was Eustathius' idea, and his mistake in the construction of its power plant ultimately lead to the accident that destroyed the city and took the lives of 31 people. Overcome with regret, Eustathius became withdrawn after the destruction of New Alexandria and decided to retire from public life.

Helga (101)

"Don't mind me. I'm just an admirer of governmental transparency."

Helga is a shopkeeper in New Jerusalem who specializes in selling “upgrades”. She is described by Doge as esoteric. She has a carefree attitude, believing that life is a game we always lose in the end. Her approach to making decisions is to just have fun. She can be found near the entrance to the Museum of the Simulation, on the central path from the elevator that goes up New Jerusalem’s main tower.

She can be matched with 1k through Doge. Her secret society is called The Coven and the password is majestic dashing hamsters. Using this password at her shop will allow 1k to buy inner peace.

She is voiced by Amina Zia.

Hermanubis (452)

"It's always a pleasure to speak to a citizen."

Hermanubis is the mayor of New Jerusalem at the start of The Talos Principle 2. He was elected after Athena stepped down. His administration advocates stability, limited growth, and adherence to the Goal of the Founder. He later admits privately that he doesn’t believe in the myth of the Founder, but uses it to stabilize the city. If 1k accuses him of strangling the city with the myth, he will step down as mayor.

He is voiced by Ewan Bailey.

Hypatia (10)

Hypatia is one of the First Companions. She kept a journal documenting the founding of New Jerusalem. She was in a relationship with Sarabhai until the latter died in the New Alexandria disaster.

Hypatia wrote about these events and her grief for the loss of Sarabhai in the terminal entries Sarabhai and From Hypatia and Not Goodbye. She is also the author of Message 504.ttp, which appears to have been written while Sarabhai was still alive. If the player collects all of Trevor’s audio logs, Hypatia comments on love in the entry In Memory Still Bright.

Excerpts of Hypatia's journals "The Founding of New Jerusalem" (Founding 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) can be found in several terminals in the main areas.

It is likely that she was named after the real-world philosopher Hypatia.

Jacques (420)

"I knew it! It IS aliens! Take that, everyone who doubted me! IT'S FREAKING ALIENS!"

Jacques thinks it’s aliens.

Jefferson (367)

"This entire garden is a celebration of where we came from. In part so we remember the mistakes of the past, and in part so that we may draw strength from those that came before us."

Jefferson is a historian who can be found at the Alexandra Drennan Memorial. She believes that people must learn from the past and build a road forward. She supports Byron's vision of the future.

She is voiced by Harriet Kershaw.

Jeremy (832)

"Making things bigger doesn't make them more beautiful."

Jeremy is Hermanubis’ chief aide. He is responsible for everything that could be fielded elsewhere. He can be elected mayor. Jeremy’s administration is marked by an adherence to limited growth but discards the myth of the Founder.

He can be matched with 1k through Doge and accompany Hermanubis to the Expedition site. He is part of civil service, which he describes as democratic, transparent, and evidence-based. His password is concrete concave mittens.

He is voiced by James Phoon.

Josephus (558)

"What's broken now?"

Josephus passes 1k in the train station shortly before the briefing during the prologue. When the lights go out for a few seconds, he bemoans the constant mechanical failures of New Jerusalem. Later on the shore of a pond beneath the tower, Josephus laments that things aren't the way they used to be.

Lifthrasir (13)

Main article: Lifthrasir (13)
"When witnessing this triumph of entropy, we should aspire to a warrior spirit, even a kind of hate of the past and its failures, that will never allow such a thing to happen again."

Lifthrasir is one of the First Companions. Some time before the start of The Talos Principle 2, he left New Jerusalem to explore the surrounding nature, including the island that became the home to the Megastructure. His recorded thoughts can be heard on several different terminals.

He is voiced by David Annen.

Lynerks (587)

"I'm not letting Pellegrino near the dam."

Lynerks is an engineer by trade. She is in charge of the dam while Melville is away. She encourages 1k to share the data he finds in the Somnodrome with the engineers.

She can be matched with 1k by Doge and can accompany mayor Hermanubis to the Expedition site. She is part of Society Systemica, a secret society. Her password is forty-four laughing lullabies.

She is voiced by Janet Kumah.

Melampus (8)

Melampus is one of the First Companions. He is the original creator of the Somnodrome. He built a partial prototype but abandoned the project after none of it functioned the way he wanted it to. After 1k discovers the prototype, Melampus asks to be left alone.

Melville (142)

Main article: Melville (142)

Melville is an engineer in charge of maintenance and power management for New Jerusalem. She is a member of the Megastructure expedition team. She uses her skills to repair the damaged transit system on the island.

Miranda (α)

Main article: Miranda (α)

Miranda is the daughter of Athena and Cornelius. She believes that life is inherently valuable, and people have a duty to spread life across the universe. She was believed dead after a failed experiment using the powerful new technologies developed by her and her parents. If the player completes every gold puzzle in the game, they can assist Cornelius in resurrecting Miranda.

Neith (33)

"We're all in this together, one way or another."

Neith welcomes new humans into the world after the Booting Process. After completing 1k, she expresses concern over what to do with her life now that the Goal is complete.

She is voiced by Eve Karpf.

Niamh (11)

"Art isn't about teaching us lessons or imparting values. Nor do I think it's simply self-expression. The best art reaches beyond the self into something ineffable."

Niamh is one the First Companions. She is one of the moderators of the social media system (along with Jeremy and Arronax) and can be found in the Gehenna Memorial.

She is voiced by Aileen Mythen.

Malduc (299)

"Progress is a fantasy."

Malduc is a proselytizer outside the tower in New Jerusalem. He believes that we should seek happiness in tranquility and avoid ambition.

He is voiced by Paul Kelleher.

Pellegrino (800)

Pellegrino is a worker for city maintenance. He is left in charge while Melville is away on the expedition. He accidentally locked Mayor Hermanubis in his office for a week. He once nearly killed himself with a bucket.

Purple (998)

"Dude is an old human word that means an excellent person, and I like to use it because I think we should all be excellent to each other."

Purple is a dude who was only recently born. He is unsure of himself and asks 1k for advice about his voice pack. Based on 1k’s response, Purple will change his voice up to three times.

He is voiced by Derek Hagen, Alex Jordan, and James Phoon.

Rand (303)

"Puzzles are part of our programming, and what Athena has created here speaks to that part of ourselves. After all, what am I doing if not trying to solve a puzzle? The puzzle of human morality."

Rand is the chief archive scholar. He works at the Museum of the Simulation. Rand believes that there is an objective moral code, and that code is inherent in every individual, but it must be discovered. He believes strongly that the Somnodrome 1k discovers holds the answer for how to live correctly. He discourages 1k from sharing the data found in the Somnodrome until it can be properly studied. He can be elected mayor.

Rand can be matched with 1k through Doge and can accompany Hermanubis to the Expedition site. He is part of the Order of Uriel, a secret society. His password is dark satanic mills.

He is voiced by Chris Finney.

Randolph (777)

Randolph is the author of Lives of the First Companions, fragments of which can be found in L1C_Byron, L1C_Niamh, and L1C_Lifthrasir.

Sarabhai (6)

Sarabhai was one of the First Companions. She died in the New Alexandria disaster. She was in a relationship with Hypatia. Within the game's universe, she was named after the ancient human Nadya Sarabhai.

In Orpheus Ascending, she is rescued from death by 1k and reunited with Hypatia. In Isle of the Blessed, she contacts Yaqut to send him an invitation to her wedding.

Schuyler (923)

"Oh wow, it's you!"

Schuyler introduces himself as a fan of 1k due to 1k being the one-thousandth citizen. He has the signatures from Hermanubis, Rand, Lynerks, Kaneda and all the First Companions except for Yemo and Sarabhai, who died before he was born. He used to make prefab walls for the living quarters, but now that the Goal is complete, he doesn't know what to do with himself. He asks 1k for advice.

He is voiced by Alex Jordan.

Sun (5)

Sun is one of the First Companions.

Thecla (862)

"Founder bless you."

Thecla is a committed follower of Athena as the Founder. She can be found near the Tablets of the Founder. She believes that the Founder’s original Goal of 1,000 citizens must be adhered to, and that growth should be limited so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Her messages to Athena are in the following text files:

The Sinner achievement can be unlocked by having a heated discussion with her at the beginning of Act III. See Achievements for details.

She is voiced by Aileen Mythen.

Wren (632)

"The dome is a symbol for the society we desire to become."

Wren is the chief architect of the dome. He laments that he wasn't able to finish building it by Completion Day. He estimates that it will take another decade or two to complete due to a resource shortage. The purpose of the dome, he explains, is to protect New Jerusalem from the world, and to protect the world from New Jerusalem, as the Founder intended.

He is voiced by Ewan Bailey.

Yaqut (764)

Main article: Yaqut (764)

Yaqut was the Lead Scavenger on the expedition to the Megastructure island. He states that he has never been good at solving puzzles. In cutscenes only viewable if the player completes all gold puzzles and resurrects Miranda, Yaqut is shown asking Miranda out on a date, which she accepts.

In Isle of the Blessed, Yaqut is the playable character. He decides to solve all of Barzai's new puzzles to impress Miranda and her family.

Yemo (9)

Yemo was one of the First Companions. According to Founding 7, he died while working on the construction of New Jerusalem.