Base Camp

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Base Camp
Short name: None
Area Type: Megastructure
Previous Story Area: New Jerusalem
Next Story Area: Grasslands Ring
Aerial view at night.

The Base Camp is a location from where expeditions in and out the Megastructure can be carried out. It is on a plateau, featuring a suitable place for the VTOL to land and take off from. It is the first station of a rapid transit system that the player can use to travel to various locations and the location the expedition visits on the excursion from New Jerusalem.

The base camp area also features a golden gate to the southeast, the Astronomical Temple to the southeast, and a Lost Lab to the south.

Acquiring Schematic_5358 in the Lost Lab is required to fix the transport system and be able to travel to Grasslands Ring.


Laser beam found in a tower.

The Megastructure is composed of four areas, one for each cardinal point. Each face of the pyramid features a door that can be opened by power three giant Receivers using large laser beams found in towers scattered on the island.

Lost Lab

South of the VTOL landing area there is the first Lost Lab players will visit. Inside you can see a test unit of a RGB converter mounted on a table and the terminal HAR-1.

Entrance to Lost Lab
Lost Lab - RGB converter test unit