Grasslands Ring

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Grasslands Ring
Short name: East-1
Area Type: Regular
Previous Story Area: Megastructure
Next Story Area: Wooded Plateau

The Grasslands Ring, also commonly called East 1, is a regular puzzle area, and the first one that the player visits. It is described as an artificial ring-like structure on the wide lowlands east of our base camp.

Detailed map of the area
Aerial view

As hinted by the test unit in the lost lab found at the Base Camp, this area introduces the player to a new tool: the RGB converter.

Solving five main puzzles in this area unlocks access to Wooded Plateau.


Main Puzzles

  1. RGB Shifting
  2. Reconnection
  3. Castling
  4. Alternative Option
  5. Through the Door
  6. Alternatives
  7. Self-Sufficiency
  8. Entanglement

Lost Puzzles

Gold Puzzle

Tetromino bridge

Section 1

[ solution ]

Section 2

[ solution ]

Section 3

[ solution ]

Star monuments

Prometheus Monument

Location of the Prometheus Monument
[ sprite route ]

Pandora Monument

Location of the Pandora Monument


[ ]
After solving Entanglement, connect the green beam from the RGB converter to the green receiver at Pandora’s box.

Prometheus Sparks

[ location of the first spark ]
Near the entrance to Castling. While standing in front of the entrance to the puzzle, turn right and walk towards the corner ledge. Look down to a platform where you can drop to get it.
[ location of the second spark ]
Surrounding Alternatives, follow the path by the wall opposite the puzzle entrance to find it next to a statue.

Lost Lab

The lost laboratory is located in the northern shore of the marsh that surrounds the tower. It features a driller test unit mounted on a table. It also contains the terminal VALA-1.

Lost lab - Entrance
Lost lab - Driller test unit
Lost lab - Display showing a map of the area

Documents and audio logs




This terminal can be found opposite the entrance to puzzle 5.



This terminal can be found along the path between puzzles 3 and 4.




Straton of Stageira

[ location ]
Straton is in the area surrounding the Castling building, near the opposite wall of the puzzle entrance.

Ancient Human Artifacts


[ location ]
Northeast corner of the marsh surrounding the tower.


[ location ]
In one of the cliffs on the south shore of the marsh surrounding the tower..

Unknown Machine

[ location ]
Turn around at the entrance of Alternatives and go West. It’s in the middle of a small, elevated grove.


[ object and location ]
Bomb from The Talos Principle 1 - The anomaly is located behind the gold puzzle.