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Identifier: East 1-Δ2
Area: Grasslands Ring
Puzzle Type: Lost
Previous Puzzle: Elevation
Next Puzzle: Jump Start

Interconnectivity is a lost puzzle in the Grasslands Ring area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


To reach this lost puzzle, make your way to Puzzle 7, then walk around to the back of the amphitheater.

As you enter the puzzle, you see an RGB converter on the floor and a red emitter to the left side. Further left, there is a corridor blocked off by a blue wall with a pressure plate in front of it. On the right side the progress wheel has a blue wall in front of it with a pair of emitters next to it, a blue and a green one. On the front right is another blue wall with a pressure plate behind it, where there is a room with a connector already connected to an emitter and a receiver, and another blue wall controlling access to a room with two connectors in them.


A mild hint about the final configuration:

[ hint ]
That blue door on the front right of the main room through which the blue emitter is visible... that just looks too convenient to be true. At the end of the puzzle, that door will probably remain closed, although it is useful in the beginning.

If you're struggling with the angles:

[ hint ]
Don't try to get everything in a perfect right angle. Keep the connectors in the corridor at various places for the best reach.


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