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Identifier: South 1-5
Area: Southern Coast
Puzzle Type: Main
Previous Puzzle: Pushing Through
Next Puzzle: Translocator

Dyad is the fifth main puzzle in the Southern Coast area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


This puzzle is a set inside a circular area, with rooms set off on the sides. Going clockwise from the immediate left, the first room is empty, with blue doors on either side, and a window looking outside. The second room has a teleporter in it, but no window. There's a blue door leading to the third room, which has the progress wheel. The third room also has a window looking out into the central hallway. The fourth room, this time on the right side of the central hallway, has a blue door that is already jammed by a jammer inside the room. There are large grate walls looking across the next room into the final room, which has a teleporter and a blue door. The middle room on the right side is not accessible at all, but has grill walls on all sides.


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
Since the name of the puzzle is Dyad, meaning something that consists of two elements of parts, you can think of this puzzle in two stages. The first stage relates to all the stuff on the right side of the puzzle, and the next stage requires you to think about the left side.

If you're wondering what the first objective should be:

[ hint ]
Like many other puzzles, the first objective is to get as much equipment as possible onto the open. In this case, try to get both the jammer and the teleporter from the right side of the puzzle into the central hallway

If you're not able to get the jammer working from far away:

[ hint ]
You might be trying to get the jammer to influence the left side of the puzzle from the right side. That is not possible. Instead, try to see if there is an angle where you can bring the jammer out into the middle.

If you're stuck near the end, unable to get to the progress wheel's blue door:

[ hint ]
What if you jam it from outside? How can you prepare so that doing that is useful?


[ solution ]

Trivia and Glitches

  • The floor of this puzzle is quite unique, it is a glass-like material that allows one to see the water underneath.
  • The name of the puzzle, Dyad, means something that consists of two elements or parts.