Southern Coast

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Southern Coast
Short name: South 1
Area Type: Regular
Previous Story Area: Megastructure Interior - North
Next Story Area: Verdant Canyon

The Southern Coast, also commonly known as South 1, is the seventh regular puzzle area that the player visits.

The heavily-eroded cliffs of the southern coast are surrounded by azure waters and dominated by a particularly unusual tower.

Southern Coast
Detailed map of the area
An aerial view of the area


Main Puzzles

  1. Phase Entry
  2. The Escape
  3. Through the Wall
  4. Pushing Through
  5. Dyad
  6. Translocator
  7. Remote Interchange
  8. Switcheroo

Lost Puzzles

Gold Puzzle

Lost Lab

The lost laboratory is located TODO

Lost lab - Projection of a structure.

Tetromino bridge

[ solution ]

Star monuments

Pandora monument

The Pandora monument is located below Puzzle 5.

A beginning hint:

[ hint ]
Solve Puzzle 2, stand at the very end, then look up carefully, and look down carefully

A second hint:

[ hint ]
Solve Puzzle 4, then see what is visible around you. Visit the monument and see if there are any dotted lines that help you.

Full Solution

[ solution ]

This results in another Pandora Quote.

Sphinx monument

The Sphinx monument is located just to the left of Puzzle 1.

The location of the Sphinx monument
[ clue ]
The clue shown on the Sphinx monument
[ solution ]
Walk along the coast to the right of Puzzle 8. Interact with the puzzle columns as shown in the clue. The columns corresponding to the top of the clue are the ones that are furthest from the ocean (that is, stand with your back to the ocean as you read the clue).

This results in another Sphinx Quote.

Prometheus Sparks

[ location of the first spark ]
The first spark is located in the alcove behind Puzzle 1.

The second Prometheus Spark can be found TODO

Documents and Audio Logs






Straton of Stageira

Ancient Human Artifacts

Bomber Plane

[ location ]
At the base of the path below the capsule.


[ object and location ]
People dancing. At the base of the main structure.

Easter Eggs

[ object and location ]
Sandcastle of the last level of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. Located to the right of Puzzle 4.