Prometheus Spark

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Prometheus spark in Wooded Plateau.
Prometheus sparks have a distinctive chirping sound with static; in certain locations it can help finding them.

Prometheus sparks are collectible items that allow the player to skip puzzles.

Acquiring sparks

Sparks can be found in each of the main areas of the game, usually in hard to reach spots or off the beaten path. They appear as dark orange particle clouds, hovering slightly above ground, and can be collected by simply walking through them.

The HUD displays the number of collected sparks in the top left.

Each area page on this wiki contains detailed information about the location of its sparks.

Using sparks

Sparks allow the player to complete puzzles without solving them.

In each puzzle, a Prometheus terminal is located near the entrance. The player can use the terminal and drag and drop the spark icon into the progress wheel icon.

Upon doing so, sparks are taken out of the player’s inventory and fly towards the puzzle’s progress wheel. The blue particle cloud gets released, marking the puzzle as completed, and sparks will take its place.

Main and lost puzzles cost one spark, while gold puzzles require three sparks to complete.

In game, on the area’s navigational signs, an icon appears above the puzzle number or icon where a spark is currently locked.

Retrieving sparks

If a spark was used on a puzzle but that puzzle is then completed correctly, the used spark will be added back to the player's inventory.