Prometheus Bound

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  • The section of Megastructure North starts to collapse
  • 1k escapes to the VTOL, in the route out Pandora warns new humans of their actions and assures she is protecting civilization
  • Melville stays in the basecamp while Yaqut, Alcatraz and 1k go back to New Jerusalem to talk to the Mayor and find Cornelius
  • In the simulation you speak to Nieth, she’s also looking for Cornelius but he’s simply vanished
  • Acquire schematic from Cornelius’s terminal in the simulation, giving you a hint of what his intentions are
  • Optional: Sinner achievement with Thecla on the way back
  • Optional: alignment with Rand in the meeting to get him elected (and get corresponding achievement)
  • Go back to the Megastructure island, where Melville has fixed the transport system to access South areas
  • Melville installs an upgrade to your interface to detect datastream overload schematics: the Noema system (interface entry added) is in lockdown mode and only 1k has a profile ID assigned from earlier datastream overloads and they’re the only one capable to interface with it and activate the Megastructure
  • Access labs to restore functionality to bridge rings, tetromino bridges are disabled
  • Activate three towers
  • Enter Megastrucutre South and free Prometheus of the five chains holding him