Isle of the Blessed

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Isle of the Blessed is a part of the Road to Elysium expansion. The in-game description for the part reads, "Embark on a puzzle-driven adventure set on a stunning Caribbean Island. Solve an array of fresh medium-difficulty puzzles, culminating in the Hexahedron."

In-game splash screen for isle of the blessed


Red Islands

  1. The Missing Element
  2. The Laser Circus
  3. The Bilateral Challenge
  4. The Euclidian Palette
  5. The Perpendicular Procedure
  6. The Celestial Beacon
  7. The Misalignment Syndrome
  8. The Riddle of the Citadel

Lost Puzzle

Gold Puzzle

Green Islands

  1. The Man Behind the Curtain
  2. The Snatchback Maneuver
  3. The Loop
  4. The Turnabout
  5. The Theodorian Knot
  6. The Binary Paradox
  7. The Cutoff Quandary
  8. The Mechanical Gyre

Lost Puzzle

Gold Puzzle

Blue Islands

  1. The Smoothie Solution
  2. The Ballet of the Bots
  3. The Closing Conundrum
  4. The Big Hassle
  5. The Intruder
  6. The Trident Enigma
  7. The Twist and the Turn
  8. The High Road

Lost Puzzle

Gold Puzzle


After completing the all of the main puzzles, the player can access the Hexahedron at the center of exhibit. Only after completing the hexahedron are the gold puzzles unlocked.


There are a total of 6 monuments (2 each for the Sphinx, Pandora, and Prometheus).



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