Cornelius (3)

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Species: New Human
Serial number: 3
Affiliations: Museum of the Simulation
Status: Alive
Voice actor: Sean Branney

Cornelius (3) is one of the First Companions. Along with Eustathius (2), he was activated by Athena (1) shortly after she awakened from the Simulation. Together the three of them constructed the other First Companions. Presently, he is in a relationship with Athena and is the father of Miranda.

During 1k's first visit to New Jerusalem (in the first part of The Talos Principle 2), Cornelius can be found in the Museum of the Simulation. After the Megastructure expedition team finds evidence connecting Cornelius to the Megastructure and its surrounding island, they attempt to contact him but are no longer able to find him.

If 1k completes a gold puzzle, Cornelius will contact them from his workshop behind the gold gates at the Base Camp. Every completed gold puzzle leads to another message, and after completing all gold puzzles 1k can meet with Cornelius to help him complete his goal of rescuing Miranda.