Byron (7)

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Species: New Human
Serial number: 7
Affiliations: Expedition Team
Status: Alive
Voice actor: Peter Wingfield
Byron shown reaching for the stars in a post-credits cutscene.

Byron (7) is one of the First Companions. A self-described optimist, and an enthusiastic adventurer, Byron believes that humanity is fundamentally good. He shares an odd friendship with Alcatraz, whose honesty he respects despite their disagreements. An avid proponent of exploration, Byron serves as the Expedition Leader on the mission to the Island. Byron was born at night and came out of the Dam under the stars. This sublime experience shaped his perception of the universe. He is named after the 19th century travel writer, Robert Byron. He was the first New human to have his body upgraded, an act he calls "deliberate evolution."

Byron as he roams around East 1

“I’m someone who believes that human beings are important, terribly, desperately important, because intelligent life is rare and precious. I suppose you could say I’m… old-fashioned.”