Yaqut (764)

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Species: New Human
Serial number: 764
Affiliations: Expedition Team
Status: Alive
Voice actor: Adam Green

Yaqut (764) is the team’s Lead Scavenger on the Expedition to the Island. When Yaqut was younger, he wanted to see the outside world, but it wasn't encouraged. He met Byron, and they went on an expedition together. As the youngest member of the team, Yaqut is often unsure of himself. He collects antique bottles and likes old music. He has a five-year-old cat named Bruce who he describes as half-psychopath, half-goofball. Bruce enjoys peeing on electrical equipment, a behavior that Yaqut finds endearing. He admits that he’s terrible at solving puzzles to the point where Elohim thought he was defective. Ironically, he had no problem with the tetromino interfaces.

Yaqut, as he's seen in the Anthropic Hills area

“If the language of creation is a kind of melody, maybe that’s the reason why we respond to music the way we do. Because we recognize something that can’t be expressed in any other way. And when we play music, we participate in something ancient… in an act of creation…”