Western Delta

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Western Delta
Short name: West 1
Area Type: Regular
Previous Story Area: Megastructure Interior - South
Next Story Area: Anthropic Hills

The Western Delta, also commonly known as West 1, is the tenth regular puzzle area that the player visits.

The Western Delta tower
Detailed map of the area
An aerial view of the area

This area is described as a river valley gradually drowned by the encroaching sea. The brackish water is a unique ecosystem with many endemic species.


Main Puzzles

  1. Servitor
  2. Supportive Apparatus
  3. Automatic Doors
  4. Surfing
  5. Nuisance
  6. Elements
  7. Breach
  8. Transference

Lost Puzzles

Gold Puzzle

Lost Lab

The lost laboratory is located behind the Prometheus monument, to the right of Puzzle 4.

The entrance to the lost lab.
Lost lab - Projection of a gravity well.

Tetromino bridge

The Western Delta features a single 8-piece Tetromino Bridge. It starts off enclosed between walls, and the second part opens up, allowing the bridge to cross the river below.

[ solution ]
The Tetromino Bridge, solution.

Star monuments

Prometheus monument

The monument is located between Puzzle 3 and Puzzle 4.

Sprite route

[ route ]


You must yearn for a better world, yearn for it with such intensity that your heart suffers; keep your eyes on that distant vision even when you know that you may never reach it.


Sphinx monument

The clue shown on the Sphinx monument.


[ solution ]
Go behind puzzle 6, you will find a set of stone pillars on the ground. Push the ones indicated by the clue to activate the monument
Location of the pillars. Puzzle 6 can be seen in the distance


None may know what came first, error or sin; and yet every choice depends on it.


Prometheus Sparks

[ location of the first Prometheus Spark ]
The first spark is located behind the golden puzzle, at the very tip of the landmass, close to the edge of the water.
the building in front is the golden puzzle structure

The second Prometheus Spark can be found TODO

Documents and Audio Logs







Straton of Stageira

[ location ]
Straton is to the left of Puzzle 8, in front of some tall architecture.

Ancient Human Artifacts



[ object and location ]
Noema terminal. Located behind the Lost Puzzle to the east of the transport capsule.

Easter Eggs