Versatile Contraption

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Versatile Contraption
Identifier: Boot-Yellow-4
Area: Booting Process
Puzzle Type: Boot Yellow
Previous Puzzle: Single-slit Experiment
Next Puzzle: Fundamental Connections


As you enter this puzzle, you see that there is a pressure plate in front of you, and a jammer currently engaged to a blue door. Throughout the rest of the level are various jammers and other blue doors, purple barriers, and a fan that is preventing you from walking down a corridor that leads to the sigil.


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
Since the name of the puzzle is Versatile Contraption, try to use the first jammer to solve two tasks at the same time

If you're confused about the rules:

[ hint ]
A jammer cannot be carried across a purple barrier, but it may still be operated on an item from across a purple barrier

If you're having trouble bringing the equipment to where it needs to be:

[ hint ]
You cannot move a jammer that is blocking a blue door to the very room it is present in. You have to get something else to jam that door before you can move it


[ solution ]