Two of Three

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Two of Three
Identifier: West 2-Δ2
Area: Anthropic Hills
Puzzle Type: Lost
Previous Puzzle: Slide
Next Puzzle: Hollow

Two of Three is a lost puzzle in the Anthropic Hills area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


The puzzle is down an unmarked path as you travel from Puzzle 4 to Puzzle 5. When you enter the puzzle, you will find an activator accessible freely. There are sections of the puzzle cordoned off using blue doors. One of them on the left blocks off a blue emitter, and can be deactivated by a pressure plate in front of it. On the right are two blue doors, between them is a connector. Behind the third blue door is an inverter, and a red receiver that gives access to the progress wheel.


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
Since the name of the puzzle is Two of Three, try to count how many targets the activator can hit.

If you're having trouble getting started:

[ hint ]
Don't be afraid to stand on the pressure plate yourself.

If you are struggling to disable enough walls:

[ hint ]
Random foliage does not block energy beams. Don't be afraid to go into the bushes

If you've disabled enough walls but can't figure out the last piece:

[ hint ]
Position the connector well enough so it can be visible from far away.


Alternatively, you can search YouTube for solution videos, like the one here: Puzzle Games on YouTube