The Passageway

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The Passageway
Identifier: South 3-2
Area: Circular Oasis
Puzzle Type: Main
Previous Puzzle: Centrifuge
Next Puzzle: Dismantling

The Passageway is the second main puzzle in the Circular Oasis area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


When you enter the puzzle, you find yourself in the entrance room of a eight room puzzle. Starting from the entrance room, moving right and talking about each room in the clockwise direction, we see the following rooms:

  • Room 1: The entrance room, a wide open space with a connector, and a blue emitter on the right, and a blue receiver in front that controls the blue door to Room 6. It is possible to enter the rotating platform from the left end of this room.
  • Room 2: A small room to the left of the entrance room. It has a connector, and the only entrance is from Room 3. It is blocked off by a blue door.
  • Room 3: A room to the left of the rotating platform. It has a blue receiver that unlocks Room 2, and a red receiver that unlocks Room 4.
  • Room 4: A small room on the far left corner. It has yet another connector, and the entrance is from Room 3.
  • Room 5: A small area accessible from the rotating platform. It has a red emitter.
  • Room 6: A large room just ahead of the entrance room. The main feature on the left is the rotating platform, which has two open doors and two grate doors. It has a blue receiver pointing back at the blue door that leads to the entrance room. It also has another blue receiver that unlocks Room 7.
  • Room 7: A small empty room. It has a red receiver that unlocks Room 8.
  • Room 8: A small room with the progress wheel.


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
Since the name of the puzzle is The Passageway, you will have to come up with ways to unlock the various rooms accessible in the passageway, Room 6.

If you're struggling to get started:

[ hint ]
Remember that you can enter the rotating platform from Room 1, if configured correctly. Use this to move the connector.

If you're not sure what your first objective should be:

[ hint ]
Obtain the remaining two connectors.

If you are unable to orient the rotating platform to get access to both laser colors:

[ hint ]
Perhaps you need a different approach. Can you configure the blue lasers in such a way that they don't need to touch the rotating platform anymore?

A list of major objectives:

[ hint ]
Rotate the platform so you can enter it from Room 1. Use the connector to obtain two more connectors. Make the blue connector self-sustaining. Activate the red receiver.