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This article is about the puzzle. For the ancient human artifact, see Slide (artifact).
Identifier: West 2-Δ1
Area: Anthropic Hills
Puzzle Type: Lost
Previous Puzzle: Backwards
Next Puzzle: Two of Three

Slide is a lost puzzle in the Anthropic Hills area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


To reach this puzzle, as you travel from Puzzle 7 to Puzzle 8, go up the stairs instead of going downstairs. Walk past the Prometheus statue on the left, then walk on the arms of one of the Anthropic Hills to find this puzzle.

When you enter the puzzle, you find a wide open area with two connectors and a hexahedron. There is also a blue emitter on the right, a detachable fan that is activated by a pressure plate. To the left is an area blocked off by an blue door that has an activator, and a second room with another hexahedron on it. To the right is a room blocked off by a blue door with the progress wheel in it.


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
Since the name of the puzzle is Slide, understand that at some point, the horizontal fan will be pushing stuff.

If you're having trouble getting started:

[ hint ]
There is a ladder, use it. You should raise one of the emitters up high to get access to blue energy in the left room

If you are unable to open the main door to the left room:

[ hint ]
There is a high grate that blocks access. But note the little cutout to the right of the grate, as you stand inside the room looking outside. There is enough space there for shenanigans to happen.

If you have the main door open, but can't make progress:

[ hint ]
Right now you probably have one transmitter in the sky and one transmitter on the pressure pad. Using the transmitter on a pressure pad is waste of resources, use a hexahedron on the pressure pad instead. Where will a transmitter have the most impact.

If you are not getting enough Slide:

[ hint ]
An activator doesn't slide much. An activator sitting on top of a hexahedron, on the other hand...


You can search YouTube for solution videos, like the one here: Puzzle Games on YouTube.