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Identifier: North 3-7
Area: Lost Marshes
Puzzle Type: Main
Previous Puzzle: Up and Down
Next Puzzle: Transmission

Propulsion is the seventh main puzzle in the Lost Marshes area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


When you enter the puzzle, you find two rooms. In the front room, there is an angled fan with detachable blades that is pointed at a high ledge on the rear room. There is an inverter available, and a swapper with a hexahedron in it. There is a blue emitter behind a half-height grate. There is a purple barrier that leads to the rear room. In that room, we can see a driller and another swapper with an accumulator on it. On the right side is a blue door that is blocking access to the progress wheel, and a red receiver behind it.


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
Since the name of the puzzle is Propulsion, you might think that you have to use the fan to travel between the rooms quite a lot. You can do so if you want, but it is a bit of a red herring: until the end, you don't use propulsion a lot, but you do it at the very end.

If you're struggling to get started:

[ hint ]
The first thing is to obtain a source of red light.

If you're constantly running out of things to put in the swapper.:

[ hint ]
Try not to use the fan to travel between the rooms at all, until you're ready to open the door to the progress wheel.

If you're struggling to get the inverter and the accumulator active at the same time:

[ hint ]
Remember that lasers can pass through purple barriers.

A list of major objectives:

[ hint ]
Obtain some red light. Charge the accumulator. Fly the accumulator to the ledge.