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Identifier: North 3-4
Area: Lost Marshes
Puzzle Type: Main
Previous Puzzle: The Wall
Next Puzzle: Twice

Prison is the fourth main puzzle in the Lost Marshes area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


When you enter the puzzle, you find yourself in a large open space. There are multiple rooms.

  • Room 1: The outer room. There is a blue emitter on the left wall and a red emitter on the right wall. Room 3 and Room 4 are visible through grill walls. There is a blue door that leads to Room 2 controlled by a red receiver. A connector is available.
  • Room 2: The large rear room. There are three swappers on the left, two of which contain hexahedrons, and one containing an connector. There is a hexahedron on the ground. There is a blue emitter on the back wall next to the blue door that leads back to Room 1. There is a red receiver on the far right side that controls a blue door to Room 3. There is a grill wall that separates this from Room 4. There is a red receiver that controls the blue door on the left side that leads to Room 5.
  • Room 3: This is a small room on the right side of the puzzle with a connector in it. Access is from the blue door from Room 2.
  • Room 4: This is a small room in the middle of the puzzle with a connector in it, and represents the prison from the name of the puzzle. There is a connector in it, and a switch on the wall inside. There are standard-height grates facing both Room 1 and Room 2.
  • Room 5: This is a small passageway on the way to the progress wheel. There is a blue receiver that controls access to Room 6.
  • Room 6: This is the room with the progress wheel in it.


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
Since the name of the puzzle is Prison, the main question of the puzzle is how to free the connector from its prison in Room 4.

If you're struggling to get started:

[ hint ]
Enter Room 2 by activating the red receiver. Then figure out a way to obtain the connector from Room 3.

If you're struggling to jump:

[ hint ]
You will need to construct a staircase with three hexahedrons to reach in.

If you're unsure how to keep the blue door open while getting enough hexahedrons:

[ hint ]
Take a leap of faith. Let the blue door close. You can always just reset the puzzle if you get stuck.

If you're unable to get all the hexahedrons, even sacrificing all the connectors you have:

[ hint ]
Figure out a way to keep the blue door open using the blue laser. Now you can bring all equipment into Room 2, which will allow you to get all the hexahedrons.

If you're stuck with intersecting lasers near the end:

[ hint ]
You still need a little bit of elevation. It's much easier to keep the blue door open using the blue laser in order to avoid intersecting lasers later on.