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Identifier: South 3-8
Area: Circular Oasis
Puzzle Type: Main
Previous Puzzle: Above
Next Puzzle: Transfer

Preliminary is the eighth main puzzle in the Circular Oasis area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


As you enter the puzzle, you find yourself in a large open space.

  • There are two emitters on the left, a red one and a blue one.
  • There are two connectors freely available
  • There is a rotating platform in the corner of the room, with another connector inside. There are four sections of the rotating platform:
    • There is a red receiver on the outside of one of the sections that controls a blue door allowing entry to the rotating platform. Initially it is pointed at the main room, facing towards the entrance.
    • There is a blue receiver on the inside of one of the sections that controls a blue door allowing entry to the rotating platform. Initially, this side is towards the main room, facing the right side.
    • There is a window on one of the sections, this is facing left towards the progress wheel.
    • There is a tall grate on the last section, this is facing the rear area of the puzzle.
  • There is a purple barrier that connects the main area to the rear area.


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
Since the name of the puzzle is Preliminary, you should consider your first action to be merely a preliminary action, and you shouldn't be afraid to throw away the configuration you start the puzzle with, and think about the next part completely afresh.

If you're struggling to get started:

[ hint ]
Find a way to enter the rotating platform. Keep the connector you find inside. Now try various configurations.

If you're worried about intersecting laser beams:

[ hint ]
Notice that the lasers will follow the receivers as they rotate. What may look like intersecting right now may not be intersecting after a rotation is done.

If you're thinking about a setup but unable to reach outside to execute your plan:

[ hint ]
Setting something up halfway, and then completing the rest of the work from inside the rotating platform is a valid strategy. Reaching outside through the purple barrier is also an option.

A step by step list of objectives:

[ hint ]
Enter the rotating platform. Rotate once counter clockwise. The original red connector is now misconfigured, reconfigure it for the new state. Set up a source of blue light somewhere convenient. Rotate counter clockwise one more time.