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This article is about the layout of The Talos Principle 2. For first game, see Simulation.

The map is one of the tabs on the PDA Interface in The Talos Principle 2; it is also shown every time the player enters the rapid transit system capsule (the map is only available in the Interface after the player uses the rapid transit system for the first time).

A map with all puzzles completed and all lost labs found

Based on the progression of the story, the map displays some or all the following areas:

Unlisted Areas

There are several areas of The Talos Principle 2 that are not visible on the map:

Although the central circle in the map diagram is labeled "Megastructure", choosing this from the rapid transit system in fact takes the player to the Base Camp. From there, depending on the current stage within the story, the player may be able to board the VTOL to access the interior of the actual Megastructure, that is, one of