Lost Marshes

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Lost Marshes
Short name: North 3
Area Type: Regular
Previous Story Area: Flooded Valley
Next Story Area: Megastructure Interior - North

The Lost Marshes, also commonly known as North 3, is the sixth regular puzzle area visited by the player.

The north-eastern marshes of the island have mostly been lost to the sea, with the exception of this small patch of land.

Lost marshes
Detailed map of the area
An aerial view of the area


Main Puzzles

  1. Substitution
  2. Possibilities
  3. The Wall
  4. Prison
  5. Twice
  6. Up and Down
  7. Propulsion
  8. Transmission

Lost Puzzles

Gold Puzzle

Lost Lab

The lost laboratory is located TODO

Tetromino bridge


Star monuments

Prometheus monument

Sprite route




Pandora monument





Prometheus Sparks

Location of Prometheus spark
Location of mouse-like robot
Final resting place of the robot

If you walk north-northeast starting at the entrance of Propulsion you will see a monument and a Prometheus Spark on top of a high platform next to a fan activated by a Pressure plate. In order to power the fan, walk around the monument and you will see a small, mouse-like robot. Interact with it and it will slowly walk towards the plate and it will stop on top of it, activating the fan which you can use to jump and get the spark.

Documents and Audio Logs




Straton of Stageira

Ancient Human Artifacts


[ object and location ]
Tetrominoes. Behind the Lost Puzzle, south-west.

Easter Eggs

[ object and location ]
[ object and location ]