Keeping Connections

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Keeping Connections
Identifier: East 2-Δ1
Area: Wooded Plateau
Puzzle Type: Lost
Previous Puzzle: Seesaw
Next Puzzle: Loop

Keeping Connections is a lost puzzle in the Wooded Plateau area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


To reach this puzzle, after finishing Puzzle 4, walk around the puzzle to its back and follow the road.

As you enter the puzzle, you find a driller and a connector in the main area. Near the center of the puzzle, there are two rooms on either side, with a set of purple barriers creating a passageway between them. In the left room is a red emitter. In the right room is a red receiver and another connector, and the receiver deactivates a blue door on the other side. There are copper walls for both the rooms. Beyond the purple barriers is a twisty passageway that leads to a red reciever that gives access to the progress wheel.


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
Since the name of the puzzle is Keeping Connections, you will have to use the alternate use key in order to pick up a connector while maintaining its connections.

If you're struggling to get started:

[ hint ]
Your first task is to activate the red receiver in the right room. Think how you can do that.

If you got the second receiver and then are stuck:

[ hint ]
Remember that lasers can pass through purple barriers.


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