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An Inverter.

Inverters are puzzle elements in The Talos Principle 2 that change blue laser light into red or vice versa. They do not transmit green light.


Just like Connectors, Inverters can be picked up and connected to any number of targets using the "Use" key, and then placed down. They can also be picked up using the "Alternative Use" key to keep existing connections.

Once connected to a source, the model in the player's hand will change colors to reflect what color the Inverter will emit once placed down.


  • An inverter connected to a red source will provide blue light, and when connected to a blue source will provide red light.
  • An inverter connected to more than one source of the same color will continue to function.
  • An inverter can provide light to multiple devices
  • An inverter connected to sources of two different colors of light will not produce any light at all.



The following puzzles use inverters: