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Identifier: West 2-Gold
Area: Anthropic Hills
Puzzle Type: Gold
Previous Puzzle: Two of Three
Next Puzzle: None

Hollow is the gold puzzle in the Anthropic Hills area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


On entering the puzzle, you find that there is a room on the left gated by a purple barrier, a room next to it gated by a blue door, and a corridor to the right blocked by there purple barriers that leads to the progress wheel. In the left room is a red activator, an RGB converter, and a swapper with a connector in it. In the second room is a green activator and a blue emitter. There is a red emitter outside.


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
There are at least three tricky stages to this puzzle, and some people consider this to be in the top-3 hardest puzzles of the base game. The name of the puzzle isn't much of a help. Try to think logically what the end state of the puzzle should be - what equipment you will need at the very end, and in which rooms. Proceed from there.

If you want to know the first objective you have to complete:

[ hint ]
Your first job is to move the red activator to the second room.

If you read the first objective above and need a hint on how to do it:

[ hint ]
First, activate the green activator, then reposition it close to the blue door.

If you want to know the second objective you have to complete:

[ hint ]
Your second job is to make the red activator self-sustaining, but positioned so that it can activate other equipment.

If you read the second objective above and need a hint on how to do it:

[ hint ]
You can put the activator close to the blue door, connected directly to the red emitter, and then jump start it from the other room with a connector.

If you want to know the third objective you have to complete:

[ hint ]
Your third job is to get the connector and RGB convertor out into the open while still keeping the blue door activated so that the blue emitter is accessible.

If you read the third objective above and need a hint on how to do it:

[ hint ]
It might have been a while since you solved activator puzzles, so recall that activators can activate other activators. Use that idea. Bring the connector out into the open first, and see if you can aim it into the second room via the purple barrier and the window from outside. You may have to play with the angles a bit.


There are two ways to solve this puzzle that are quite similar (Steps 1, 2, and 3 are exactly same, and the remaining ones differ a bit). The hints above assume the puzzle is solved using Solution 1.

Solution 1

[ solution ]

Solution 2

[ solution ]


Upon completion of the puzzle, the player hears another message from Cornelius Noema Messages. That is, if this is the eleventh gold puzzle that the player solved, they will hear the eleventh message.