Eastern Wetlands

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Eastern Wetlands
Short name: East-3
Area Type: Regular
Previous Story Area: Wooded Plateau
Next Story Area: Megastructure East
Detailed map of the area

The Eastern Wetlands, also commonly called East 3, is a region of low hills interspersed with small bodies of water, overshadowed by a gargantuan star-like construct. Ordinarily, this is the third puzzle area that the player visits.

Aerial view


Main Puzzles

  1. Inversion
  2. Energy Maintenance
  3. There and Back Again
  4. Refraction
  5. Imprisoned
  6. Hidden
  7. Backward Propagation
  8. Positional Interchange

Lost Puzzles

Gold Puzzle

Tetromino bridge

Section 1

[ solution ]
The first section of the bridge.

Section 2

[ solution ]
The second section of the bridge.

Star monuments

Pandora Monument

Location of the Pandora monument


[ basic hint ]

The puzzle which has line of sight to Pandora’s box does not have a RGB converter, but it has a connector. Can you see another connector you could use to send a beam to Pandora’s box?

[ step-by-step solution ]

Sphinx Monument

Location of the Sphinx Monument


[ basic hint ]
If you look closely, the engraving in the plaque of the Sphinx monument is marked with a cross. Is there a point of interest in that spot?
[ solution ]
If you inspect the spot marked in the plaque you will find a switch. Turn it on to unlock the Sphinx star.

Prometheus Sparks

[ location of the first spark ]
The first spark is located at the end of a closed gorge near Miranda's Cat remnant.
[ detailed path to the first spark ]
[ location of the second spark ]
The second spark is in the woods east to the entrance to East 3-6. Look for the tall columns hiding among the trees.

Lost Lab

The lost laboratory is located at the end of the arched pathway behind Backward Propagation. You can hear the hum of the generator above ground if you follow the path to the right of the entrance.

Inside the lab there is an experimental antigravity chamber and the terminal GRODNA-1.

Lost lab - Entrance
Lost lab - Antigravity experimental chamber
Lost lab - Display of an atom

Documents and audio logs









Straton of Stageira

[ location ]
From the Bridge Gate go straight north until you see a very distinctive structure. Straton is sitting inside.

Remnants of the past

Future cat

[ location ]
From the Bridge Gate, go straight to the northeast until you see the monument above. It’s very near the entrance to East 3-2.

Miranda's studies

[ location ]
Next to a tower opposite the entrance to E3-7.

Ancient Human Artifacts


[ location ]
The tricycle can be found embedded on the base of a rocky wall by the northeast shore of the area.


[ location ]
The slide is at the southeast shore of the area.


[ object and location ]
Child playing on an elephant slide. Located north-east of the elevator, by the shore.

Easter Eggs

[ object and location ]
Goal post. Located on the western coast.
[ object and location ]
Structure resembling the cover art for the Pink Floyd album, The Division Bell. Located on the north-west coast.
[ object and location ]
Speaker. From Puzzle #2, follow the path to the leg of the central structure, then turn left and run toward the coast. Nearest the water, find the jagged hill which will allow you to climb it. The speaker is at the top.