Desolate Island

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Desolate Island
Short name: North 1
Area Type: Regular
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The Desolate Island, also commonly called North 1, is a remote, rocky island off the north-western coast. Survey data suggests the area may be prone to landslides.

Detailed map of the area
Aerial view


The first time you walk all the way to the shore, Byron makes a comment about the saying “the sea will claim everything”. This is a reference to the game The Sea Will Claim Everything, designed and written by Jonas and Verena Kyratzes.

There’s an old saying about how in the end, the sea will claim everything. I have no doubt that this is true: in the long history of the human species, entire regions have disappeared under the waves. Places like Beringia and Doggerland still echo in our cultural memories. But we shouldn’t forget that life began in the sea; we are the children of the sea, and it’s not through floods and ruin that the sea will claim everything, but through us.


At the east, north and northwest limits of the island there are three fans that will propel you to different points of interest near the central, mountainous area. Next to the east fan there is a wooden bench (painted pink in patch 1.05), and there are two rubber ducks in the northeast shore. Unlike other areas these are physical objects, not anomalies.

There is a probably misnamed terminals: rather than the expected THIRIEL_EXT-2, it is named just TERMINAL.

This is the only main area where no ancient human artifacts can be found.

Conversation with the expedition crew

You can speak on arrival with Alcatraz, Yaqut, Melville and Byron. There’s a scripted encounter with Melville after solving Dual Stream. An additional line of dialogue opens up with Alcatraz after finding Our duty.


Main Puzzles

  1. Mind-Body Dualism
  2. Leg Up
  3. Dual Stream
  4. High Ground
  5. The Gift
  6. Two-Body Problem
  7. Redshift
  8. Drilling Party

Lost Puzzles

Gold Puzzle

Lost Lab

The lost laboratory is located TODO

A clone found inside the Lost Lab.

It features a clone, presumably under construction.

Lost lab - Projection of a micronova remnant.

Tetromino bridge


Star monuments

Prometheus monument

Sprite route




Sphinx monument

The Sphinx Monument is on a prominent hill behind Puzzle 7 (Redshift).

The picture of the hint shown on the monument:

[ hint ]

What the picture is trying to imply:

[ hint ]
You have to find something at the three locations marked on the map.

The locations:

[ hint ]
The one marked like the letter A is on the outside wall near the back of the lost puzzle, Interplay. The one marked like the letter T is on the outer wall of Redshift. The one marked like the letter C is on the outer wall near the back of the other lost puzzle, Passing Through.

A picture of what you're looking for:

[ hint ]
You have to interact with these buttons to match the letter in the sphinx clue.

This results in another Sphinx Quote.

Prometheus Sparks

The first Prometheus Spark can be found TODO

The second Prometheus Spark can be found TODO

Documents and Audio Logs






Straton of Stageira


Remnants of the Past

The ancients

[ location ]

Our duty

[ location ]

Ancient Human Artifacts



[ object and location. ]
Falling tetrominoes. Located in the valley to the south of Puzzle 6.

Easter Eggs

[ object and location ]
Rubber ducks. Located to the east of the Sphinx monument.
[ object and location ]
Snowmen. Located beside Puzzle 7.
[ object and location ]
Bench. Located to the east of the THIRIEL_EXT-1 terminal; the terminal by the coast.