Anthropic Hills

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Anthropic Hills
Short name: West 2
Area Type: Regular
Previous Story Area: Western Delta
Next Story Area: High Plain

The Anthropic Hills, also commonly known as West 2, is the eleventh regular puzzle area that the player visits.

Anthropic Hills
Detailed map of the area
An aerial view of the area

This rocky highland terrain has been dramatically sculpted by the technology contained in the Megastructure.

This area introduces the player to activators.


Main Puzzles

  1. Universal Activation
  2. Chain Reaction
  3. Permeability
  4. Conveyance
  5. Balance
  6. Ascent
  7. Closed Off
  8. Backwards

Lost Puzzles

Gold Puzzle

Lost Lab

The lost laboratory is located TODO.

The Somnodrome.

It contains a second Somnodrome, similar to the Somnodrome Prototype found in the Flooded Valley.

The experiment shows rocks being created from the same blue particles that can be found within progress wheels.

Further down, an experiment shows the matter creation technology that Athena used to create the Anthropic Hills.

Lost lab - Display of a structure

Tetromino bridge

[ solution ]

Star monuments

Prometheus monument

The Prometheus monument is located on the edge of a cliff, as you walk from Puzzle 7 towards the lost puzzle Slide.

[ sprite route ]

Solving the prometheus monument rewards the player with another quote from Prometheus.

Pandora monument


Prometheus Sparks

[ location of first spark ]
Take the path to the right of Hollow, until you reach this statue.
[ how to reach the first spark ]
Drop down to where Straton is, and take the fan back up

The second Prometheus Spark can be found TODO

Documents and Audio Logs






Straton of Stageira

[ location ]
Reach the golden puzzle, Hollow, then take the path to the right, past the audio log with Trevor. Keep looking down the cliff until you spot a concrete platform. Jump down there.

Ancient Human Artifacts



[ object and location ]
Laser beam connection tower. Located near the Prometheus monument.

Easter Eggs