All Around

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All Around
Identifier: North 3-Δ1
Area: Lost Marshes
Puzzle Type: Lost
Previous Puzzle: Transmission
Next Puzzle: Elegance

All Around is a lost puzzle in the Lost Marshes area of The Talos Principle 2.

Puzzle elements


To reach this puzzle, as you go from Puzzle 4 to Puzzle 5, go left instead, towards the edge of the water. When you enter this puzzle, you find yourself in a large room.

  • The first room has a window on the left through which the third room is visible. There are two connectors available, and a swapper with an inverter in it. There is a blue receiver that controls a blue door to the second room.
  • The second room has a swapper with a jammer on it, and a blue door that leads to the third room.
  • The third room has a red emitter, a red receiver next to the blue door entryway, and a green receiver next to a grate that blocks access to the progress wheel. There is yet another swapper, this time it contains an RGB converter


A basic hint:

[ hint ]
Since the name of the puzzle is All Around, you will have to take a trip all around the puzzle, carrying some equipment as you do so.

If you're having trouble getting started:

[ hint ]
A jammer is useful not only for the path forward, but also to provide relief to hard-working equipment behind you.

If you're having trouble getting enough equipment in the final room:

[ hint ]
Notice that you can keep the blue door open in the third room using the red receiver.

A list of major objectives:

[ hint ]
Move the inverter to Room 2. Keep open the Room 3 door without a jammer. Use the inverter and the RGB Connector together in Room 3.