1k (1000)

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Species: New Human
Serial number: 1000
Affiliations: Expedition Team
Status: Alive

1k (1000), written as 1k (1,000) in some logs, is the player character in The Talos Principle 2. He serves as the Puzzle Solver on the Expedition Team. In the context of the story, 1k represents the completion of the Goal, described by Hermanubis (452) to be the creation of one thousand new humans.


In the base game, the character's dialogue choices are not spoken aloud. In Isle of the Blessed, part of the Road to Elysium expansion, it is revealed (after the player completes 15 puzzles) that this was true in-universe:

Alcatraz (264): By the way, 1k, I'm glad you've picked a voicepack. It's nice to hear you actually speaking.

1k (1,000): Well, Neith didn't mention the voicepacks, and I didn't realize I could've just picked one. It's not like I wanted to spend the entire expedition in text mode!

Yaqut (764): I told you guys it wasn't intentional.

Melville (142): We thought it was a statement or something.

He is voiced in the expansion by Joshua Wichard, who also voiced 1k's inner monologue in the base game.